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Boat and Camper Coverage

As the dog days of summer are now in full swing, many of you are out enjoying the great outdoors.  This is a great time of year to go camping or take the boat out to the lake.  Some of the best vacations I have been on are at the lake.  At Famers Mutual Insurance we know that your camper and your boat can be sizable investments.  

We are here to protect them and to give you peace of mind when you are on the highway, in the campground, or at the lake.  

Common Camping Claims

  • Hail Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Fire
  • Collision

Common Boat Claims

  • Wind Damage
  • Propeller Damage
  • Fire
  • Collision

 If you have a place at the lake, you can also insure your boat hoist and/or dock with Farmers Mutual.  

We hope you have a great time with your campers and boats, and want to remind you that we can provide the coverage you need for your property.  

Check out our webpage at for a list of agents in your area who can help get your property covered with Farmers Mutual Insurance of Hull.    

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Don’t Get Burned

Every year during the summer months, especially around the Fourth of July, people all over the country celebrate by using fireworks. Fireworks have been with Americans since our nation’s beginning. Early U.S. settlers brought their love of fireworks with them to the New World and fireworks were part of the very first Independence Day – a tradition that continues to this day.

While July 4th is still the “big day”, Americans continue to use fireworks year-round to celebrate at festivals, special events, and sporting traditions such as the Olympics and Super Bowl.

However, it is important to remember that while fireworks are fun, they come with some serious and potentially harmful consequences. 

Firework Statistics:

  • More than 19,500 property fires are started by fireworks each year
  • Every year around 10,000 people are treated in emergency rooms with fireworks-related injuries.
  • Children under the age of 15 have the highest rate of firework injuries with 50% of the injuries occurring to the hands, fingers or legs.
  • Sparklers account for roughly 25% of emergency room fireworks injuries.

Tips for having a Safe Fireworks Display

1. Skip the Sparklers

They seem a lot safer than aerial fireworks but they are actually quite dangerous especially for kids.  

Yes, they look cool but they are also extremely hot.

 Sparklers burn at around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

These things could be used in a heist movie to melt metal and it would be scientifically accurate.

You don’t want your children (or yourself, even) holding them.

2. Use only in a Clear open Area

Make sure the area where fireworks are used is clear of dry, potentially flammable grass, wood, or debris. It is also a good idea to monitor your state’s wildfire warnings and make sure there isn’t a fire weather watch in effect.

3. Light fireworks on a flat surface

Using a flat surface is extremely important when using fireworks. If the area where you are using fireworks is too uneven, there is the potential they could tip over and go off horizontally and severely injure someone. Flat surfaces are also important when using fireworks that take off vertically, like bottle rockets. If the area is too uneven, they could have an angled trajectory which could result in an injury to a person, property damage, or fires.

4. Only Adults should use fireworks

The vast majority of firework-related injuries happen to children under the age of 15. Understanding the risks fireworks pose to children and the importance of having adults present to handle fireworks can greatly decrease injuries and deaths.

So, in these coming weeks when you and your family and friends are settling in for your epic do-it-yourself fireworks display, remember these safety tips and have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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Sewer & Drain Coverage

Even though it has been dry this Spring, it is important to remember that it is still Spring.  Typically, May and June are some of the wettest months of the year.  We know that in Iowa weather patterns can change quickly, and when they do we can get large downpours of rain in a short amount of time.  That is when you need your sump pump and foundation drainage system to work at it’s best.

We would like to remind you of a few things you can do to make sure that your sump pump will be working when you need it most

Does Your Pump Turn On?

Simply check to make sure that your pump still turns on.  Sometimes pumps that have not needed to pump for a long time actually “freeze up” from rust, corrosion, or scale build up and will not come on when they are needed.  To test your pump, simply remove the lid from your sump pit and fill the pit with water to the point that it lifts up the float.  If your pump does not turn on and pump out the water, you will need to investigate and see if it is frozen up, the motor is dead, or the breaker is tripped.  Taking care of this problem now will insure that your pump is working when you need it. 

Will You Know If It Doesn't Turn On?

Consider adding an alarm to your sump pit, or located near your sump pit.  A second line of defense of knowing when your pump has failed can be a life saver.  Alarms come in all different price ranges and capabilities.  I would suggest looking online by searching “sump pump alarm” and finding which one would fit you best.  This can be an inexpensive way to prevent expensive damage from an overflow. 

Two is Better than One

Consider purchasing a “dual pump” system for your sump pit.  This system has two pumps that sit side-by-side and both fit in a standard sized sump pit.  The advantage of the dual pumps is that if one pump fails, the second will kick in.  This will prevent your pit from overflowing and flooding your basement.   Most of these can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Make Sure You're Covered

Make sure you have adequate sewer and drain backup coverage on your homeowners insurance policy.  This is an additional endorsement that is not typically included in the base coverages of most homeowner policies. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call our office at 712-439-1722.

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Got Milk? Celebrate Dairy Month!

June is National Dairy Month! For more than 75 years, Americans have been celebrating our love for dairy products.  What started out as National Milk month in the 1930s to promote milk consumption has grown into a month-long celebration to acknowledge all the contributions that the dairy industry makes to our lives.

A Few Fun Facts:

  • Cows drink about 35 gallons of water a day – about the same amount as a bathtub full of water.
  • Dairy cows give more than 7 gallons of milk each day. That’s 400 glasses of milk!
  • 98% of dairy farms in the U.S. are family-owned and operated
  • Iowa is the 4th largest producer of ice cream and there is more ice cream made in the city of Le Mars than any other one location on earth!

Farmers Mutual Insurance works to provide important coverages for our dairy farmers, from coverage on actual dairy cows, to dairy barns & milking parlors and the equipment needed to run a successful dairy operation. We also offer a spoilage coverage to help protect against a loss or contamination of the farmer’s final product, milk!

Join us by celebrating with a sweet treat or a nice cold glass of milk in support of all the dairy farmers and their families who work tirelessly to provide our communities and nation with a delicious and nutritious food. 

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Happy Memorial Day!

Farmers Mutual Insurance wants to wish you a safe and fun filled Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial kickoff to the summer and people typically flock to lakes, barbecues and parties.  The American Automobile Association estimates that around 41.5 million Americans on average travel during the weekend.

Over the last 15 years, the number one inland marine loss reported over Memorial Day weekend to Farmers Mutual Insurance have involved cellphones being dropped in a lake or run over by a vehicle.

So, while you are dusting off that boat or camper enjoying the first day of summer, here is a friendly reminder from us at Farmers Mutual to hang onto those cellphones!

This new and improved payment portal can be accessed on the Payment Center tab on our website fmiahull.com.  If you have any questions about these new features or need help with registering for an account, you can contact our office and we would be happy to assist you!

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Enrolling in Pay by Text with Farmers Mutual Insurance

Farmers Mutual Insurance now offers a number of different easy and convenient ways for our insureds to pay their insurance premium.  One of these services is Pay by Text offered through our payment vendor service, Invoice Cloud.  

Pay by Text is a quick and easy to use payment solution that essentially anyone with a mobile phone can use.  It is not only easy but Pay by Text is also a secure way to pay your bill.  It requires no personal or account details to be released in order to make a payment or to be manually entered in the open which makes it hard for hackers to steal the information.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your pay-by-text payment.

If you are a current Farmers Mutual Insurance policy holder and would like to enroll in the Pay by Text Feature, we have included a step-by-step instruction guide to walk you through the process.  If at any time you have questions or need assistance with getting things set up, contact our office and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

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After the Storm

Wind and Hail events can be traumatic experiences and can also cause serious damage to buildings and personal property. In events like this, Farmers Mutual Insurance is here to help you!

In large storm events, we may not be able to get to your property immediately but you will at least be contacted within that first week and a time will be scheduled for someone to come out and inspect your property.

What You Should Do After a Storm?

  • Stay in a Safe Place until the Storm Ends
  • Inspect Your Property for Damage. If you find any holes in the roof, siding or windows; immediately weather proof those areas to prevent further damage.
  • Call you agent or Farmers Mutual to report a claim. You can also submit a claim via our website fmiahull.com under the Claims Center.

Keys to a Successful Repair Experience

  • Deposits: Be cautious about paying a deposit, most local reputable companies won’t require one.
  • PatienceDon’t be in a hurry to hire the first contractor that comes to your door.
  • HomeworkResearch and visit with other people before committing to a roofing or siding repair company
  • AgreementsBe wary of signing contracts or contingency agreements. These are often vague on specific details regarding workmanship or warranty. Know the terms of the contract and what rights you may be forfeiting in doing so.

The staff at Farmers Mutual Insurance is here to help you! Our number one priority is restoring your property after it has sustained a loss.

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Got Beef? Celebrate Beef Month!

May is National Beef Month.  The livestock industry is one of the largest and strongest segments of the US Agricultural industry.

Beef Month Fun Facts

  • US Provides 25% of World's Beef
  • Farmers Mutual Insurance Insures $800 Million Worth of Cattle in NW Iowa
  • In 2020, We covered cattle losses due to Freezing, Drowning, Lightning, and Heat Stress, just to name a few!

Farmers Mutual Insurance provides important coverages for our cattle producers, from coverage on actual livestock, to cattle buildings and the equipment needed to run a successful cattle operation.

Join us in celebrating and supporting all those who work so hard to provide us with America’s favorite protein!

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Have You Cleaned Your Gutters Lately?

Clean Your Gutters Lately?

Routine cleaning of you gutters can prevent damage to your roof, home exterior and foundation.  It can also help prevent water from running down your home’s foundation and seeping into your basement or crawlspace.  Allowing water to continue to run along your foundation also increases your risk for the development of mold on the interior of the foundation walls posing a potential help risk to you and your family.

Foundation repairs are expensive and often not covered by insurance due to the damage occurring from an ongoing maintenance problem and not a one-time event. 

Spending an afternoon cleaning the gunk out of your gutters and downspouts can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs and hours of your time trying to clean up water that has leaked into your basement and removing the damaged items. 

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Announcing the Recipients of the 2021 Farmers Mutual Insurance Service Award Scholarship

Every year Farmers Mutual Insurance sponsors 20 college scholarships for high school seniors whose parents are policy holders and currently attend a local northwest Iowa high school. The purpose of this scholarship is to award those who have a record of academic excellence and service to their community.

We are proud to announce the following recipients for the 2021 Farmers Mutual Service Award Scholarship:

  • Bailiee Jauer                     Hinton High School
  • Brayden Schmidt               Le Mars Community High School
  • Caitlyn Beyer                     Boyden-Hull High School
  • Charlee Petersen              Woodbury Central High School
  • Chase TerWee                   West Lyon High School
  • Edwin Buiter                     Unity Christian High School
  • Evan Jungers                     Sheldon High School
  • Hannah Dau                      South O’Brien High School
  • Jackson Boustead              Kingsley-Pierson High School
  • Kendra Husman                Cherokee Washington High School
  • Kristina Goth                     MMCRU High School
  • Lexie Van Kekerix              Rock Valley High School
  • Madelynn Munsen            Akron Westfield High School
  • Natasha Sampson             MOC-Floyd Valley High School
  • Nate Springer                    Central Lyon High School
  • Olivia Grooters                  Hartley Melvin Sanborn High School
  • Rachel Langel                    Gehlen Catholic High School
  • Samantha Vermeer          Sioux Center Community High School
  • Sierra Meyer                     Trinity Christian High School
  • Tyson Boer                        Western Christian High School

We at Farmers Mutual would like to say congratulations to these astounding high school seniors and wish them the best on their future college endeavors!