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The main utilities running to you and from your home are not something you normally think about until you have a problem with one them. Then the importance of their repair becomes a top priority. Your main water line, sewer line, and electric service lines are just few examples of utilities you can’t live for a very long time without. Often times you need to fix them immediately, and that can be expensive. That is why you should have the Service Line coverage endorsement for your dwelling. 

What does it cover? 

Service line coverage is designed for underground water lines, sewer lines, electrical lines, communication lines, and geothermal piping that is a part of your heating and cooling system. These service lines are covered between the city’s utilities and your dwelling. This coverage not only covers the service line that fails, it also covers the cost to excavate your property to make the repairs and to replace landscaping or pavement needed to be removed to make the repairs. 

What are the most common types of covered losses? 

The most common losses we cover are a collapse or breaking of sewer lines, breakage of water lines, and breakage of electrical lines. 

Is there a limit on this coverage? 

Yes, service line coverage is limited to $10,000 and comes with a $500 deductible. We have found that the vast majority of claims do not reach our $10,000 limit of coverage. 

How can I find out more? 

Contact your local Farmers Mutual Agent and ask if you can have this important coverage added to your policy. A listing of agents can be found on our website at

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