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June is National Dairy Month! For more than 75 years, Americans have been celebrating our love for dairy products.  What started out as National Milk month in the 1930s to promote milk consumption has grown into a month-long celebration to acknowledge all the contributions that the dairy industry makes to our lives.

A Few Fun Facts:

  • Cows drink about 35 gallons of water a day – about the same amount as a bathtub full of water.
  • Dairy cows give more than 7 gallons of milk each day. That’s 400 glasses of milk!
  • 98% of dairy farms in the U.S. are family-owned and operated
  • Iowa is the 4th largest producer of ice cream and there is more ice cream made in the city of Le Mars than any other one location on earth!

Farmers Mutual Insurance works to provide important coverages for our dairy farmers, from coverage on actual dairy cows, to dairy barns & milking parlors and the equipment needed to run a successful dairy operation. We also offer a spoilage coverage to help protect against a loss or contamination of the farmer’s final product, milk!

Join us by celebrating with a sweet treat or a nice cold glass of milk in support of all the dairy farmers and their families who work tirelessly to provide our communities and nation with a delicious and nutritious food. 

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