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Wind and Hail events can be traumatic experiences and can also cause serious damage to buildings and personal property. In events like this, Farmers Mutual Insurance is here to help you!

In large storm events, we may not be able to get to your property immediately but you will at least be contacted within that first week and a time will be scheduled for someone to come out and inspect your property.

What You Should Do After a Storm?

  • Stay in a Safe Place until the Storm Ends
  • Inspect Your Property for Damage. If you find any holes in the roof, siding or windows; immediately weather proof those areas to prevent further damage.
  • Call you agent or Farmers Mutual to report a claim. You can also submit a claim via our website under the Claims Center.

Keys to a Successful Repair Experience

  • Deposits: Be cautious about paying a deposit, most local reputable companies won’t require one.
  • PatienceDon’t be in a hurry to hire the first contractor that comes to your door.
  • HomeworkResearch and visit with other people before committing to a roofing or siding repair company
  • AgreementsBe wary of signing contracts or contingency agreements. These are often vague on specific details regarding workmanship or warranty. Know the terms of the contract and what rights you may be forfeiting in doing so.

The staff at Farmers Mutual Insurance is here to help you! Our number one priority is restoring your property after it has sustained a loss.

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